Behind the Lens

I enjoyed photography for years before selling through Whistler Works Studio in 2007.  Orchids were an obsession and the beauty and interesting shapes and colors were a primary focus of my hobby business.  My portfolio continued to expand, growing to include a variety of flowers and gardens I enjoyed, quiet or special scenes in nature during walks with our dogs, and the variety of birds that visit our garden yard.

Capturing special moments or scenes that may give the viewer emotions such as serenity or awe of nature's beauty is my goal.  Many of the images captured are from our garden in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Other favorite locales include a farm in Appomattox, Virginia, the Norfolk Botanical Garden, and dog walks in the Tidewater area.  Images from New Orleans, Yellowstone National Park, and Germany are also included in the galleries.

Awards include 1st place in the Macro Photography category at the 19th World Orchid Conference, Miami, 2008.

Enjoy the photos,

John Whistler