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Tiger Swallowtail in VerbenaTiger Swallowtail Picking FlowerRed Spotted Purple Butterfly on Butterfly BushMonarch on Pink Zinnia 2011Tiger Swallowtail on Pink ZinniaPipevine Swallowtail and ThistleMonarch on TithoniaPainted Lady Butterfly on Butterfly BushGulf Fritillary and Blue VaseSpicebush Swallowtail on ThistleZebra SwallowtailPalamedes Swallowtail on Pink ZinniaTiger Swallowtail on Red ZinniaBlack Swallowtail on lantanaBuckeye Butterfly on GoldenrodBlack Swallowtail on White ZinniaTiger Swallowtail on False SunflowerPainted Ladies on EchinaceaTwo Swallowtails on ThistleZebra Swallowtail 2012